Festival of Sharing 2018

General News

The 2018 FoS is just around the corner, with just over one month until the ShareFests.  Sharefests will be held in Cameron, MO on Saturday, October 13th.  Last year, only 226 Youth Personal Care Packs were available; almost 400 youth ere denied!  Starting on Sunday, September 23rd, donation tubs will be placed at each entrance of the church where you can donate some or all items in a pack. Cash donations are also appreciated to purchase extra items. The following is a listing of items needed to complete one Youth Personal Care Pack (value$35).  deodorant, travel size items: hand sanitizer, toothbrush/toothpaste, lotion, shampoo & conditioner (1 each); chap stick, washcloth, ink pens (3), journal, fleece throw, Men’s body spray or Feminine pads/tampons (small pack), medicated facial cleaning pads (such as Stridex), draw-string bag, approx. 17″ x 24″ (solid color, please).  Also skin lotion 11-14 oz. that can be combined with individual products from other districts to complete Hygiene Packs.