Local Missions

Community Resource Center (Formerly SALT) — Our church provides the evening meal every Wednesday night for the Community Resource Center. It is a community organization committed to assisting the poor and homeless without discrimination; helping, educating and encouraging them toward personal empowerment and independence in an effort to end poverty and homelessness in our community. The Center is located at 913 Webster in Chillicothe.

Meals on Wheels

Chillicothe Area Christian Builders  — Chillicothe Area Christian Builders is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world.  Families must attend an orientation session, be selected from an applications process, invest 250 of sweat equity service hours, and pay for the home through a 20-year, interest free loan. The family helps build the home, must pay for it, and takes the responsibility that goes along with home ownership. Volunteers are always needed at all skill levels to help with the building projects

Buddy Bags — This is a ministry whereby our church provides food to children in our own community in need each week over the summer months. It’s an extension of service for the children provided for by the YMCA Backpack Buddy program during the school year. We believe this is intentional discipleship and a demonstration of Christ’s love to meet people (children) where they are. We have also been able to provide Christmas baskets of food for these families to help during the holidays.

Quilt & Chocolate Festival — Our church has a bi-annual Quilt & chocolate Festival where people can enjoy quilts displayed in our sanctuary and narthex and chocolate desserts. Proceeds from this fundraiser are used to provide beds, bed frames and bedding to local children without a bed.

House of Prayer

PATCH (Parents and Their Children) — A non-profit organization dedicated to the children of moms in prison and strengthening the ties between them, PATCH provides transportation for kids who need rides to visit their moms; a visiting area just for moms and kids; education to help moms become better parents; and support and encouragement to help moms improve interactions with their kids.  Click here to visit the PATCH website.

Kairos–Pronounced “Ki-Ros,” Kairos is a Christian, lay-led, ecumenical, volunteer, international prison ministry in which men and women volunteers bring Christ’s love and forgiveness to incarcerated individuals and to their families. To volunteer as a Kairos team member, a mandatory application must be submitted.  Training meetings are held 3 times a year.  For more information, contact Kathie Doosing at (660) 888-1930.

National Missions

Festival of Sharing:  The Festival of Sharing is an ecumenical ministry celebrating 37 years of partnering against hunger and poverty.  Formerly held in Sedalia, Missouri. The 2018 events were divided into regional Sharefest events, the closest being held in Cameron, Missouri.  The event locations are used to drop off donations, assemble kits and packs, organize and distribute donations, and celebrate God’s gifts.

Global Missions

Muadja, Mozambique–Our church has has been a covenant partner with the Muadja United Methodist Church in northern Mozambique for nearly 20 years, sending financial support of about $1000 a year. Funds raised through our church’s “Birthday & Anniversary Fund” go to support our mission in Muadja.  In 2012, we provided funding of over $12,000 to drill a safe water well in Muadja, saving the people of Muadja from walking many miles each day to locate water.  In September 2013, a mission team of ten people including Pastor John Rice from our church traveled to Mozambique get to know the people of Muadja UMC, to dedicate the well and to assist with building a new church building for which our congregation provided the $16,000 funding.   We also raised $30,000 to build a medical clinic in Muadja to provide urgent care & maternity services for the community and surrounding areas, which is currently being built. Please join us in our continued prayers for Pastor Cando and his congregation.

Haiti — Since 2008, our church has had an annual mission trip to Montrouis, Haiti. Our mission team works with Life Connection Mission (lifeconnectionmission.org), Manger House Ministries (htts://mangerhouse.org)  and Waters of Grace (watersofgrace.net).  Our outreach primarily focuses on helping local children and families, evangelism, and empowering women to help themselves by teaching life skills, crocheting and jewelry making.  Supplies are also taken to local orphanages and the Life Connection Mission School and medical clinic.  Many members of the CUMC sponsor children to be able to attend school, and have also made sleeping mats from plastic bags to take to Haiti.  Volunteers collect plastic grocery bags, cut the bags  into strips, or crochet the bags into mats.  Donations are also accepted for children’s socks and underwear, colored pencils or markers, crochet hooks, or funds to purchase food and medicine while in Haiti.  To learn more about this ministry, or if you are interested in serving on the team going to Haiti, please contact Sue Bachman (660-247-2110) or Lori Lyon (660-752-6207).