Our Beliefs
We are followers of Jesus!
  • We believe in and proclaim both the mystery that is God, whom we partly know and partly do not know, and the human need for communion with God.
  • We believe in and proclaim the person of Jesus Christ who distinctively reveals the nature of God and the meaning and purpose of life, and who calls us to follow him through the death of the cross to the place of Resurrection.
  • We trust in the Holy Spirit who prompts liberty, beauty, truth , love, and joy against the waywardness of human nature.
  • We are committed to using the Bible in a way that takes account of all truth, revealed and discovered, and relates it to the real experiences, both good and bad, that people have of life.
  • We are committed to an inclusiveness that is open, accepting, supportive, and enabling for all persons who would participate in the life of the Church, the community, and the world; and which denies every semblance of discrimination.
  • We are committed to the Kingdom of God as both a present and future reality, and to making valid connections between what we profess and the way in which we live and work.
  • We draw inspiration from the founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley, who required that we look both at the resource we create and possess, and the way it can be shared.
  • We are committed to taking all people seriously wherever they might be at their particular point of understanding, while at the same time sharing with them whatever insights may have been gained by our relationship with God.
  • We acknowledge the destructive power of human sinfulness, and we welcome gratefully the forgiveness that God offers to those who are prepared to turn to the truth.
  • We are committed to identifying and affirming what is good and identifying and opposing what is evil, and living as best we can in the mess in the middle.