Our mission activities are focused on the community of Montrouis, Haiti, which is about the size of Chillicothe, Missouri  We work with Life Connection Mission, a Christian mission that provides educational programs for more than 500 children, medical assistance, ministry, nutritional meals, and other humanitarian outreach.  Since beginning our group mission trips in 2009, we have developed relationships with mission and clinic staff, over 20 sponsored children, 2 orphanages, and several local families.  Each year, food and medicine have been a critical needs to save and sustain lives.  Food costs continue to rise and almost all families have no food when we arrive.  Currently, our Sunday School offering goes to Food for Haiti.  We also partner with Manger House Ministries and have been able to assist with several vacation bible study activities in and around the Montrouis area.  Our focus has also included ministering to women, and our team works with a local Haitian woman to teach women how to make jewelry and crochet sleeping mats out of plastic bags.  In 2017, we began working with Waters of Grace, a not-for-prophet organization based out of Sedalia, MO, which supports an orphanage in Haiti named Gods Lambs.  The Haiti director gathered 18 children previously living on the streets..  We have worked with him in Haiti to help with the orphanage and provide seminars for local young adults.  As our relationships have grown over the years, we have also been able to minister to their spiritual needs.  We hand out French & Creole bibles and songbooks (hymnals) and discuss their faith and knowledge of Jesus.