The Mozambique partnership has been in place between the Missouri Annual Conference and the Igreja Metodisa Unida Em Mozambique since 1998.  The Chillicothe United Methodist Church has participated in the Mozambique Initiative for over fifteen years.  We partner with Muadja United Methodist Church in the Cabo Delgado District to transform people and their community of Muadja toward the image of Christ  In 2012, our congregation financed the building of a safe water well in Muadja.  In 2013, ten members of our congregation traveled to Muadja to personally meet the people of the Muadja congregation and really learn about them and their needs.  While there, they were able to dedicate the well and work side by side with Muadja congregation members to construct a new church building.  While in Muadja, we learned of their great need for a medical facility and personnel to provide for mothers having babies and for urgent care medical emergencies.  Our congregation came together to finance the medical clinic, which was completed in 2019.